About Lifepoint

About the Team Securing Safety Across Australia

For the past four years, Lifepoint have been delivering mine shaft safety equipment across Australia. Our team keep safety at the heart of everything we do, from the design and concept of Lifepoint through to testing and mandatory equipment replacement. Work within the mining industry can be dangerous and tedious, so you want the best possible chance at safety, and we can provide that at Lifepoint with our two persons fall arrest anchor.

Team Securing Safety Across Australia

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We have three key beliefs when it comes to mine shaft safety, and they remain at the centre of everything we do, driving Lifepoint day to day.

Safety Conscious

Safety Conscious

Industry Understanding

Why We Do What We Do

Industry Understanding

We’re not entering this blindly - we have a deep understanding of the mining industry, so we know how dangerous it can be. Our experience and industry know-how helps us develop safety equipment that works for you.

Safety encompasses every aspect of Lifepoint - our product, beliefs, and more. We keep safety at the front of our mind when making any decisions for Lifepoint, including the design and manufacturing of our rock bolt anchor product.

Lifepoint is at the forefront of safety equipment innovation from our product to the attitude we take toward our customers. We look for new ways to incorporate the Lifepoint system for a safer experience at work for our customers.

Areas We Service

We are an Australia-wide provider of rock bolt anchor equipment. Our distributors, located nationally, are able to deliver our product to you, wherever you are.

Call us today for an opportunity to discuss how Lifepoint can benefit you, wherever you’re located in Australia.

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