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Fall Arrest Anchor for Shaft Workers

Lifepoint’s Rock Bolt Anchor is the newest innovation in shaft worker safety in the mining industry. With its self-testing system, it is the pinnacle of safety in shaft work across Australia. Using rock bolt anchor technology, this product keeps mine shaft workers safe and secure during their time on site in mining shafts.

Fall Arrest Anchor for Shaft Workers

Lifepoint uses a rock bolt anchoring system to attach the equipment for mine shaft workers to secure their safety lines to, whilst completing work within the shaft. With easy set up and securing, this simple yet effective system can work wonders in ensuring safety on mining sites and allow mine shaft workers peace of mind about their safety.

The two-person fall arrest anchor’s self-testing system takes the guesswork out of on-site use and requires little to no back and forth with testing, so you can get straight to work. The anchor point capability is verified via the unique patented load-sensing washer which tests the integrity of the rock bolt to support a 2 person fall arrest.

How It Works

Rock Bolt Anchoring System

Innovative Safety Equipment Cannot Be Beat at Lifepoint With Our Simple Design and Self-testing System.

Designed Specifically

Lifepoint is designed specifically for fall arrest, fall restraint, work positioning, personnel riding, and rescue systems on construction and mine sites. The two persons fall arrest anchor is guaranteed to perform its primary function each and every time. Lifepoint offer ongoing mandatory six-monthly test requirements that are as simple as replacing the patented load sensing washer. 

Your Life Is Our Priority

Locations We Service

We distribute two persons fall arrest systems Australia-wide through our dedicated distributors. From East to West coast, we can get your ordered product to you through our distributors:

  • Lockyer Valley
  • Northern Rivers
  • Bundaberg
  • Western Corridor
  • South-east Queensland

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